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“My personal mission is to empower as many people as possible to feel great and do great things. In business. At home. In life.”

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Karin has always been passionate about fitness and health. As a curious scientist, she has spent her life studying the science and biology of upgrading the human body and mind, often referred to as ‘biohacking’. With this knowledge and through self-experimentation she effectively biohacked herself.

Equipped with a degree in Chemical Engineering, her first career began as a manager at Procter & Gamble. She had two children and quickly found that it wasn’t enough to biohack herself and her career; she also had to take care of her family and home. She mastered the art of work-life balance. As a P&G Corporate Athlete trainer she taught employees tools to achieve greater health and well-being so that they could perform better on the job and at home.

After a second career with Pfizer and having spent most of her life in the demanding corporate world experiencing firsthand that success doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, it’s now her personal and professional goal to help as many people as possible upgrade their lives and realize their full potential.

Karin is a…

• Certified Human Potential Coach through the Bulletproof™ Training Institute
• Chemical Engineer with 23 years of leadership experience at Fortune 100 companies
• Former Trainer with P&G’s Corporate Athlete employee wellness program
• Student of the Human Performance Institute®
• Member of the International Coaches Federation
• Independent Corporate Consultant
• CrossFit athlete, former competitive cyclist and marathoner
• Mother of 2 daughters
coach, health, wellness, wholehuman, whole, optimize, mindfulness, well-being

“We are unique individuals.
We can create our own success stories, use our own formula,
and chart our own path for success. We have to discover
what lights us up.”


From Karin on WholeHuman:

WHOLEHUMAN is a symbol of my personal philosophy about what it takes for us, as humans, to be fully empowered to reach our unique potential. It recognizes that we are multi-faceted human beings. To be the best versions of ourselves, we must work on our WHOLE selves. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and with purpose, we must be firing on all cylinders. Physical energy, through the health of our body, is the foundation. Mental energy is our ability to focus without being distracted. Emotional energy is the way we handle life’s events and our ability to show up for co-workers, family, and friends. Each of these energy sources, if not managed optimally, can drain us. Alternatively, each of these, when fully maximized, can grant us unlimited amounts of energy so that we can do great things.

Are our relationships healthy and energy producing? Or are they draining the energy that is so important to our well-being?
Are our actions aligned with what matters to us most? It’s my mission to help you answer these questions, integrate solutions, and optimize your WHOLE self.

WHOLEHUMAN is my vehicle to help others on a broader scale.
I know what it takes to be successful, professionally and personally, and to be strong, fit, healthy, and empowered.
I can’t wait to bring my knowledge and experience to help you find your WHOLE self.


Digital Resources I Love & Why

BULLETPROOF.COM - The Bulletproof website is a great resource for high quality supplements. Dave and his team do their homework more than anyone I know. Expect to pay a little more, but it's worth it.

BLOG.BULLETPROOF.COM - So much great information here on ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, and biohacking - and an endless supply of Keto recipes.

PHARMACISTBEN.COM - Ben Fuchs has taught me that the human body has a tremendous capability to heal - if we would just get out of its way! Ben has this amazing ability to turn complex biochemistry concepts into super easy to understand and practical lifestyle advice. Listen to his daily podcast!

FREEMINDFULNESS.ORG - Guided mindfulness meditations. And they're free!

MARKSDAILYAPPLE.COM - If you don’t yet know Mark Sisson, you should. He's one of the pioneers of paleo and primal living. This guy walks the talk.