My journey to becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach

I have been passionate about health and fitness my entire life. Turning this love into a career, however, had always eluded me. I studied Chemical Engineering in college because, well, I was good at science and math, and the promise of a high income was appealing at age 19. I did all the things I was supposed to do. I got my ChemE degree, went immediately to work for P&G as a manager in R&D making over $40K a year (in 1995 that was pretty awesome). I spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder, helping P&G create products that were supposed to ‘delight consumers’. And for the most part they did. P&G was the best at innovation and figuring out what people were dissatisfied about and then creating a product to fill the need. But I was never satisfied. I always felt there was something else I was supposed to be doing. I dabbled in employee health and wellness education as a P&G Corporate Athlete trainer. I later went to Pfizer with the idea that a healthcare company would be more suitable to my passions. But I was even more frustrated there. As a consumer researcher I spent a lot of time talking to people and patients about their health issues. Then I would go back to my Pfizer team to figure out how we could sell those same people a product that promised to solve their problems. In the back of mind I always wanted to help these people on an individual level, to pull them aside and show them the way to true wellness. To tell them that you don’t need to pop a pill to get healthy. That the human body has an incredible capacity to heal, and that it can be accessed through lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. I finally got the push I needed late in 2017 when Pfizer announced my office in Cincinnati would close. This was my opportunity after 23 years working for big corporations. I could now do whatever I wanted. At this point in my life I had sufficiently bio-hacked myself to the point that physically and mentally I was a pretty well-oiled machine. I shared advice with family and friends about how to be healthy, but wondered if I could do it on a broader scale, and maybe even get paid for it. I had followed the ketogenic diet already for a few years, loved the Bulletproof products and then one day I saw a link to the Human Potential Institute (formerly the Bulletproof Institute). It gave me the idea of becoming a wellness coach. So I started researching. What is this coaching thing and what do they do? Are there other programs I should consider? I also loved Mark Sisson and his philosophy. I checked out his Primal Health Coach program. It also aligned with my philosophy but didn’t seem ‘big’ enough. From my gut I went with the Human Potential Institute and never looked back. What I expected was a certification that I could put behind my name to show everyone what I already knew. Heck I had this figured out already. Look at me! I’m a smart accomplished scientist who knows how to be healthy and fit. But what I learned over the 8 months of training at HPI was over-the-top life changing. I learned how to COACH, which is so different than giving advice. Coaching is about helping someone find their intrinsic source of motivation and supporting them in a journey that works for them, towards their unique goals. As part of my training I took an 8 week mindfulness course that will forever change the way I show up with others. I learned to find peace and strength and love within myself. I spent long, hard hours of introspection called ‘personal development’. I coached others, and I was coached. I had to dig deep to explore what I wanted to change about myself, what I needed to change about myself, so that the best version of me could be in service of others. I made great friends in the program and I truly hope and know that they will always be there for me as I will be for them. Ronit, Rod, and Dr. Mark are the most amazing teachers you could ever find. They care deeply and give fully to each and every student. They helped me grow as a person and as a coach. Even if I never went on to use my certification in a career the experience and knowledge I gained going through the program would be worth it. The inspiration for my new business, WHOLEHUMAN, came from within me, but the catalyst was the Human Potential Institute, my community of classmates, and the journey of personal development that took almost the entire year of 2018. It was a pivotal year in my life. And now I’m looking forward to 2019 to fully give back to others as best I can. Now from a place of WHOLE-ness with knowledge and tools and capital ‘P’ Presence. I want to be your ally, your partner, and I want to support you in YOUR journey to whatever wholeness means for you. I encourage you to check out a webinar or free sample class with the links below! And message me anytime. I’d love to hear from you :)


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