Successful people use this one tool well.

Lately, the idea of Kindness has been with me a lot. How to be more Kind. How to cultivate Kindness. How to spread it. I bought the book ‘Go Be Kind’ by Leon Logothetis (The Kindness Guy) just last week after hearing him on the Bulletproof podcast. I’ve started the 28 ½ adventures. Yesterday, Brendon Burchard inspired me to come up with 3 words of intention. These are words describing how I want to be known, or what they should write on my tombstone. One of my 3 intentions is Kindness

One thing I love about coaching is how much I learn from my clients at the same time they are also learning! I am working with clients who also aspire to be more Kind and in exploring this with them I have had insights about my own life and how I can do better. Kindness is about connection for me. Connecting with others at the level of the heart, the soul, not the mind. Kindness is the tool or the pathway to make more and better connections, have better relationships, to enjoy life more, to be happier. I’m putting this out there because I am committed to being Kind and now I am accountable for it. 

How do we become the best versions of ourselves? It starts with Intention. Set an intention for who you want to be. Make it known. Whether it’s through a blog post, telling your best friend, telling your mom, or telling your coach. Set your intention and then say it so someone else hears. 

Kindness Illustration.jpg

Side Note: This illustration shows two of my word intentions and how I see them fitting together. We should always strive to be Kind, 100%. We should be Honest too, as much as we possibly can. But Honesty is inside the circle of Kindness. In other words, I’m not striving for ‘Brutal Honesty’ but ‘Kind Honesty’. 

On rare occasions you might be Kind without being completely Honest, if perhaps you are protecting someone’s feelings and there is no harm. This is a broader philosophical question but I’m sure we can all come up with one example where complete honesty would have been brutal to the recipient. I digress, but the point is that you should always, always be Kind. And notice, nowhere in this illustration does it say to ‘Be Right’.

karin reed