You can still recover from failing New Year's resolutions

Are you struggling to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions? If so, you are not alone. Data suggests 80% of resolutions have failed by mid-February. Maybe you were overly ambitious after the holiday season. Or maybe your goal was to get outside and jog every morning but now it’s too cold and dark and gray. So how can we keep moving toward the best versions of ourselves?


Clarity. Accountability. Routine.


Clarity - A lack of motivation or failure to follow through may require that we reexamine our goals. Why are these goals important to us? Are they still important to us? Were they even our goals in the first place, or were they someone else’s goals? Is something getting in the way? If so, what can we do about that?


Accountability – What keeps you honest? Do you have an accountability partner? What happens if you don’t follow through on your goal? Does anyone notice or care? It can be easy to brush it off if there’s no one around to hold you accountable. And once you fall off track it’s hard to get back on.


Routine - Do you have a solid, healthy foundation to start your day? Or are you pushing the snooze button, scrambling to get ready for work, and hurrying out the door? Do you have to stop and think about what you will have for breakfast, where to go for lunch, or what you will do for exercise? ‘Decision fatigue’ is the deteriorating quality of decisions you make after a long period of decision making. And it leads to poor choices. The fewer choices you have to make each day the more power you have to make each one a smart one. A solid morning routine is a great way to ward off decision fatigue. It might be that you get up at the same time each day, meditate, do yoga, journal, and make a bulletproof coffee. All without conscious effort. Creating positive habits can be tough, however, and takes extra willpower in the beginning. But once a routine truly becomes habit, that energy can be diverted somewhere else. Like, for example, building another new healthy habit.


The key to building a healthy habit is to apply an extraordinary amount of effort for a period of time until it becomes unconscious. Then you no longer must use precious mental energy in order to do it. 


Clarity. Accountability. Routine. Each of these levers can be supercharged with the help of a coach. A coach will help you examine your goals, get clear on priorities, and then help you look at your life to see where your actions may be counterproductive. A coach will work with you to craft the best plan for YOU. There is no cookie cutter, ‘off the shelf’, one-size-fits-all approach. Because we are all different. We have different goals in life, different circumstances, different talents, different needs. I love getting to know my clients on an individual level. Because inside each of us is where our power lies. Find your northstar. Keep it in focus. Then build a roadmap to get there. Sure, we often have to course correct along the way. Because in the journey you learn a lot about yourself. On the journey you may find new pathways that are even better than what you previously imagined. You may create new mini goals or discover side shoots that make life interesting and even more exciting. There is no end game. So have fun along the way.


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