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Karin is an engineer, consultant, mother, and athlete.
She is a health information curator, an empathic inquisitor,
an accountability partner, and transformation agent.
Karin is a coach who walks her talk.
She is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Do you want to…
Have more Energy
Improve Body Composition
Be More Resilient
Enjoy Mental Focus & Flow
Improve Productivity
Live with Greater Ease & Intention?

WHOLEHUMAN is a holistic and science-based approach to well-being, behavioral change, energy management, resilience, happiness and success. It is transformative, not just informative. Through mindfulness-based coaching, together we discover how to unlock the unique power that is within you.

I help people make small, yet sustainable changes that lead to transformational improvement in energy, health, and happiness
— Karin Reed


“I've been meeting with Karin for less than 2 months. Karin is friendly and professional - but more importantly, she will make you get things done. Come to coach with Karin and expect to work. After 2 months I'm thinking more clearly and I have more energy than I've had in years. Her style of coaching approaches the person as a whole: nutrition, exercise, stress, motivation, life goals, fulfillment at work, etc. Because of Karin my far-off life goals are starting to turn into
real-time plans. Book some time with
her - it'll be the best thing you've done for yourself in years.”

-Rachel K.

“Karen provided me exactly the amount of coaching I needed. She is a good communicator, and really helped build my confidence.”

-David G.

“Karin has been extremely motivating in helping me achieve my health goals. I gained so much from working with her. With Karin's knowledge, insight and encouragement, I have made improvements to my health that benefits myself, as well as my family.”

- Gabrielle N.